Richland Cemetery                                          Johnstown, Pennsylvania


    The information on this page is designed to illustrate the various types of burials that are provided at The Richland Cemetery.   For more complete information, please visit our office for a personal discussion about your specific needs.   Please call us today at 814-266-2972 to make your appointment.
                          Scroll down to view the current sections where lots are available
         Note:  No burials can take place, nor memorials installed until the lot is paid in full.
                 Lot blocks in red are already sold, those in white are available for purchase.
            Always check with our office because these maps may not reflect recent sales.

                                        Section "F"   All lots are four grave lots

           Section "H"   All lots are two grave lots and require a "Flush Marker"

       Section "L"   All lots are two graves, with a few three grave lots still available.

   North Cross East - Single, Double, and Triple lots are available.

  North Cross West - Single, Double, and Triple lots are available.
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