Richland Cemetery                                          Johnstown, Pennsylvania


                                                                                                         Aerial Map Courtesy of H.F. Lenz Company
                The Richland Cemetery is located near the intersection of Route 219 & Route 56, and Scalp
                                             Avenue,  about 4 miles southeast of Johnstown, PA,
                                          (We are about halfway between Johnstown and Windber)

  From Johnstown:     Take the Johnstown Expressway, Rt. 56 W to Rt. 219 South.  Get off at the second
                                   exit,  "Scalp Avenue - West",  turn right and go  2/10 mile through the first light to
                                   the cemetery entrance on the right,  just after the Crossroads Church.
  From Somerset:       Take Route 219 North toward Johnstown.  Get off at  the Scalp Ave.(Windber)
                                  Exit.  Turn right and proceed 3/10 mile past the first light and turn right at the
                                  cemetery entrance on the right just after the Crossroads Church. 
  From Bedford:        Take Rt. 56E  through Windber, then after you pass under Rt. 219, turn right
                                  2/10 mile after the first stop light and passing the Crossroads Church.
  From Ebensburg:    Take Route 219 South, get off at the "Scalp Avenue West" Exit.  Turn right, and go
                                  2/10 mile through the light, and then right again into the cemetery entrance, just
                                  after passing the Crossroads Church.

                                GPS device address is:  "1257 Scalp Avenue, Johnstown, Pennsylvania"
                                   GPS co-ordinates of our entrance are:  N 40.16.530    W 078.51.596

Richland Cemetery Layout........

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