Richland Cemetery                                          Johnstown, Pennsylvania


Flowers may be planted in an area one foot wide, directly in front of the base of the monument or flush marker, and not to extend beyond the length of the monument base.

Flowerbeds must be kept neat and properly maintained.  Borders and fences that protrude above ground level are not permitted.   Wood or rubber borders are the preferred materials for keeping the grass from
encroaching into the flower beds, but must be kept at ground level.

Materials such as: Rock, stone, marble chips, gravel, plastic, or glass of any kind are not allowed for use in flowerbeds.  Peat moss is the preferred mulch to use in flowerbeds.  Finely shredded mulch may also be used.
No plastic or silk flowers are permitted from mid April until November 1st due to safety reasons.  Objects
made of plastic, silk, glass, metal, ceramic, or wood are not permitted in the ground.   Plastic or silk flowers
are only allowed in vases that are permanently fastened to the monument base.   Items deemed out of compliance will be removed by our cemetery staff.  

Compliance:  Management reserves the right to correct or remove any items that are not in compliance with the cemetery regulations.

Pets:  Dogs are not permitted to be in the cemetery with the exception of guide dogs.

Shrubbery:  of any kind is not permitted in certain sections of the cemetery.  Please contact the cemetery office before planting shrubbery.  In those sections where shrubbery is permitted, the shrubbery should be placed at the ends of the monument.  The maximum size of any shrubbery is 4 feet high by 4 feet wide.  Shrubbery will be removed if it is unsightly, growing over or around the monument stone, growing beyond the monument stone, or growing beyond the lot.

Borders: Management reserves the right to remove borders, fences, lattice, flowers, floral designs, weeds or herbage of any kind that is determined to be detrimental to the best interest of the adjoining lot owners and the cemetery.

Mausoleum:  In order to preserve the beauty of the mausoleums, flowers or other decorations are not allowed to be fastened to the crypt faces.  Fresh flowers may be left on the table in the mausoleum center.  They will be removed after a few days when they begin to lose their freshness.  If you wish to plant a flower for a loved one within the mausoleum, an area is provided at each side of the mausoleum for the planting of annual flowers.  This area will be maintained by the cemetery staff.

Monuments and headstones must have a concrete footer prepared by the cemetery staff.

All cemetery lots must be paid in full prior to erecting a memorial or headstone.

Cremation remains cannot be scattered in any other area than our Scattering Garden.   All cremation urns must be interred by our cemetery staff.

Benches and Family Mausoleums: The Cemetery Board, on a case by case basis, may consider these items,
but benches must fall within certain length and width guidelines.

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