Richland Cemetery                                          Johnstown, Pennsylvania


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I place plastic or silk flowers on my loved ones grave?
A: No, from mid April until November 1st, only natural flowers are permitted in the ground due to safety
     reasons.  Nothing made of plastic, silk, metal, glass, wood, etc is permitted in the ground.   Plastic or
     silk flowers are permitted in vases that are fastened to or are a part of the monument. We encourage
     the planting of natural flowers within the allowed area one foot in front of and by the width of the
     monument stone.  During the winter months plastic flowers can be placed on graves, however they will
     be removed by our staff during our spring clean-up.
Q: What are the open hours of the cemetery?
A: The cemetery office is open from 8:30am to 4 pm, Monday through Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday.
     The grounds are open from daylight to dusk seven days a week.   We can make an appointment after
     hours or on weekends to suit your schedule.

Q: How much notice does the cemetery need before a burial can take place?
A: 24 hours minimum for an urn service, 48 hours for an in-ground burial.

Q: Can I prepay the cost of my grave opening?
A: We now can make arrangements for pre-paying burial fees.  Call our office for details.

Q: Can I bury a cremation of my own?
A: No, cemetery personnel are required to handle all burials.  This allows for proper documentation to
     be gathered by the cemetery for entering in the permanent records.  It is possible to participate in
     spreading a loved ones ashes in our new "Scattering Garden"

Q: What types of trees and bushes can we plant on our families grave?
A: The regulations vary by section within the cemetery, so it's best to check with the Cemetery office for
     specific rules for that particular section of our cemetery.

Q: Can I place articles on the face of my mausoleum crypt or niche?
A: No. The Cemetery is responsible for the perpetual care of your crypt and or niche.  Our rules only
     allow for placement of flowers in a vase on the tables provided in the Mausoleum, and our staff
     removes them when they no longer are attractive.  We also provide an outside area to plant a flower
     in memory of a loved one.

Q: Can I obtain a duplicate or new deed?
A: Yes, new, transfer, or replacement deeds can be provided at a cost of $100.

Q: How do I get a flag holder and flag for my military loved one?
A: Flag holders and flags are provided by the County.  Veterans organizations and Scouts place new flags
     annually prior to Memorial Day in existing flag holders and are normally removed during September.
     Check with the Cemetery Office to obtain an appropriate flag holder or flag for your loved one.

Q: Does the cemetery periodically clean off grave spaces?
A: We have a major cleanup in the spring and the fall.  We do not permit items such as solar lights, staffs,
      wind chimes, plastic flowers or anything that is made of glass, metal, or plastic.   These items will be
      removed out of concern for safety for our staff during the mowing season.  We encourage only the
      planting of natural flowers in the designated planting space by ones grave marker.   All "in ground"
      non-compliant items will be removed.   Items such as vases & flowers that are permanently attached to a   
      memorial stone will be permitted if deemed in good taste.

Q: Do I need a cremation vault?
A: No, but you can purchase one if you desire.

Q: Do I need a vault for a casket?
     Yes, all in-ground traditional casket burials require an approved protection vault.  These are purchased
      and provided by the funeral home you select.
Q: How many cremations can be buried on a grave space?
A: In most areas of the cemetery we now allow a second cremation burial (on top of a casket burial) or
     maximum of two cremation burials per grave space.  Please check with our office.

Q: Can I sell back a lot or crypt that I have already purchased?
A: Sometimes, but each situation requires Cemetery Board approval, and is not guaranteed.  If allowed, 
     only a percentage of the original cost of the plot, or $25 per grave space is returned.   Crypts that are 
     already engraved cannot be sold back.  Unused cemetery lots that already have a monument in place also
     cannot be sold back to the cemetery.  It is permissible to sell your lot on your own, but there will be
     a $100 transfer/new deed fee that will have to be paid to the cemetery.

Q: Are there facilities for indoor services in the event of poor weather conditions?
A: We do have indoor areas in the Mausoleum Buildings for use in poor weather conditions, and the rental
     charge is $250.   There is no charge for a service if a crypt has already been purchased for your loved one.

Q:  Can I pay for a cemetery lot or mausoleum crypt over time?
A:  Yes, we can make arrangements for paying for lots and crypts using monthly payments at no interest.
       The length of the payment term depends upon the amount of the sale.  All crypts and lots must be
       paid in full before a burial takes place. 

Q:  Where do I obtain a memorial stone?
A:  You may choose any monument dealer you wish to purchase your memorial, but Richland Cemetery now
      offers this service and can duplicate any monument you might want to match, or a design of your choice.
      Our cemetery requires an appropriate footer for all monuments, no matter where you purchase your
      memorial stone.  Please consider using our cemetery for your monument.

Q:  How do I get engraving done on an existing stone? 
A.  Richland Cemetery also now offers this service, but you may use any approved monument dealer.

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