Richland Cemetery                                          Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Burial Lookup

                    To find a specific person interred in Richland Cemetery please ........  Click Here
                                                     (Note that not all our burials are in the data base at this time)

                                         Find-A-Grave Home Page.......................... Click Here

            Richland Cemetery now uses the Find-A-Grave system, and all those interred since
                  1999 are included in Find-A-Grave, which now totals over 15,500 burial records
                                             and represents about 90% of all of our interments.
        For another good website for Richland Cemetery genealogy information.... Click Here

      A view of the Richland Cemetery with Section C in the foreground,  Section E straight ahead,
            and Section F to the right of the roadway with the North Cross Section to the far right.
                      Soldiers Circle "East" with Section's H, J, and L can be seen in the distance.

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